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Evil social Media

I love Twitter.  I love our hashtag group. I love how my message can be instantly out there and other people can choose to amplify it, or respond to it.  I love the spontaneity of debate or comradery that can be built by one message being tweeted again and again by people until the words are out there.

I love facebook. It keeps me in touch with my friends and family.  It enables me to like the things they are interested in and to discover new music.  I love how I can watch an event come together from just one broadcast message.

The riots have tainted social media, souring its sweet good points.

The thugs were using it to communicate, to amplify their evil message, to meet other petty minded scum who are greedy and inconsiderate to say the least.

And to hear that they were using it to encourage this foul behaviour in my own town makes me positively sick.  I am horrified and disgusted and ashamed by what I saw on the news on Monday night.

I was so glad for the power of Twitter where I could share my horror with other people, and watch the evolution of a hashtag for a large-scale clean up mission. But again, this is bitter-sweet.  The instant support just went to prove how quickly an army could be summoned.

The sites are not to blame.  It’s the way in which they are being used that is perpetuating a sickening message.


A surprising Hashtag

On Sunday night and Monday morning, a surprising hashtag began trending:


Now, I don’t normally check out hashtags but I’d seen the explanation for this hashtag in my timeline overnight so entered it as a search…

It is full of people saying things like “why is #blamethemuslims trending?” “#blamethemuslims is the most racist thing I’ve seen on twitter” and “don’t #blamethemuslims, #lovethemuslims.”

I had to laugh at the ignorance.  Firstly, the reason the hashtag is trending is because those of you showing “outrage”  at it are hashtagging it, making it statistically more popular. Secondly, I’ve seen a lot more racist and offensive things on twitter.  That is the folly of free speech.  Furthermore I notice that most of the people crying outrage are white and between 16 and 25. Thirdly, the hashtag was started by a MUSLIM WOMAN to bring attention to how quickly the press are to jump to the conclusion that it’s all the fault of the muslims.  The tweets actually “blaming” the muslims are accusing them of doing things like discovering advances in medicine and respecting their women.

Personally, I feel that the outrage criers were the ones turning this hashtag into a negative.  If we are to rid the world of racism, we need to learn not to jump to conclusions and assume that everything we read highlighting a particular race or religion is racist!

Welcome to GeekWeek

Something has been lost in translation. I used to be incredibly geeky. I would even go so far as to say nerdy, but being made redundant from my career, having babies, taking a job I thought was something it isn’t and then having my confidence repeatedly battered by said job has somewhat killed my enthusiasm.

Anyway, in order to make up for it and because some relatively geeky things have been going on recently, I thought I would dedicate this coming week to posts with a geeky twist. I’ll be posting about tech and geek activities from the perspective of a mum who now only uses the basic functionality of the internet. I also plead ignorance when anyone mentions their computer isn’t doing what it should be. I don’t have my finger on the pulse any more sadly. What I do have are opinions, a Twitter addiction and a blog.

It may or may not be a coincidence that I have timed this around the same time as my partner started his blog gaming at http://latexpoultry.wordpress.com

Crappy tech day

I would no longer refer to myself as a techie.  Yes, I was a server admin before redundancy/kids.  Yes I used to spend my time either on the computer or reading a book for pleasure about how to break a certaon aspect of an OS, but those days are long gone.

As you can tell by the abundance of mentions of the EEE pad, I still love my gadgets and I’ve found something to love in the Android OS and cloud computing, but yesterday was just a total techie fail.

My TOTS100 account will not verify as the code can’t be found on the page even though it is definitely there. We have discovered that this is actually my fault for giving an incorrect URL. Then I tried to install some emulation software on the main desktop here and its eaten c drive. Well, not eaten it but it doesn’t run very well due to limited disk space. And my blog still doesn’t look like I want it to, although I’m not sure this is something I can sort out with a limited account.

And now google calendars is refusing to let me add an event using the mobile web version. I’m pretty sure its just me affected too. Totally crap. Oh and my BMB button won’t work. So yes, I am a member of BMB but I can’t proudly display it on my blog. This blog thing is much more technical than you would expect!

Playing with technology

No, I don’t have an Asus EEE Pad transformer. Yes, I DESPERATELY want one.  No, I’m not going to get one.

So, to try and stave off the needing to go and buy one, I’ve gone back to using my old original asus EEE with the 7 inch screen.

I bought it in Toys R Us about 3 years ago.  Since then it has gone for a long excursion to OHs sisters, had a replacement keyboard and been reinstalled.   It’s now running Ubuntu, however, the small solid state hard drive is failing and there is very very limited disk space, so I have to try and save everything online.  I have a feeling that maybe letting The Toddler carry the laptop around in its.bag and hit things with it probably doesn’t help but is a testiment to how hardy these little machines are.

This brings me to my adventure today into using Google docs.  It’s not too bad to be honest.  I don’t quite know what I expected from it, but it seems to be what I was looking for to store documents that I would normally write in notepad and keep on the hard drive.  I’ve found accessing the documents on the EEE a little slow, but I think that is more to do with the machine than the website itself.

See, I don’t NEED the transformer.  But it would be nice 🙂