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Oh Sh*t

I do believe it would make me a bad mother if I didn’t have half a speck of doubt.

Afterall, you hear of these things all the time.

I know it is someone maliciously dealing a career crippling blow.  And they’ve done it well; picking one thing that’s hard to prove and the one thing guaranteed to strike fear into any parent.

I felt sick when I heard.  I still feel a little sick now, knowing there will be questions, and observations and unneccessary interventions when I would just like our little family left alone to try to calculate our next move.

I hope it ends soon. I hope all the ends are tied up, and I hope my little speck is proven beyond any doubt to be just another paranoid parenting moment.


Why I hate our pushchair

Last Wednesday was again, a Bad Day.

I seem to be having a lot of these lately.

It didn’t start out as a Bad Day,  In fact, she went to the childminders and with OH working at home, it had great promises of being a Good Day, a Nice Day, a Pleasant Day even.

It started out with a trip to the local Family Point to see my Health visitor and get O weighed.

I walked over there as usual after playing “build your own” with the Phil and Teds.  Honestly, the more I put that thing together, the more it suggests to me that an NVQ in construction is probably one of the prerequisites to owning one.  You wouldn’t go and buy a car and have to put the wheels on and seats in every time you wanted to drive it, so why make your consumers do that with a pram?  Anyway, I digress.

I wasn’t particularly nervous about going to Family Point even though I had been warned it was hectic.  When I’m not having a Bad Day, things like large groups of people don’t bother me. I HAD forgotten I was wearing a t-Shirt which said “Monkey says SHUT IT!” in very large letters on the front, but never mind!

It was packed.  There were kids everywhere, I blocked in about 5 push chairs.  And all this after I had gone the wrong way to the centre in the first place (I’d come from the other side and mis-judged it.)  A “lovely” lady was there to point me in the right direction, as PHEW I would never have been able to see the huge red brick building with COMMUNITY CENTRE painted across it otherwise!

Anyway, Kids EVERYWHERE.  Massive mayhem.  The Toddler would have LOVED it.  I mean she would have been in her element.

I sat down in a corner after talking to some of the mums about how old/cute O is and some of the older kids wanted to touch him as they were fascinated. He got grabbed a few times but he slept through it.  I explained he was used to is as she “loves” him all the time.

My Health Visitor called me and we weighed O. He’s 13lbs 5oz now.  Huge.  As big as a 3 month old.  But he’s following his line.  He’s not fat.  He’s not losing weight.  He’s normal.  they have no concerns.  I have no concerns.

I reminded my Health Visitor that I wanted to be involved in her quest to improve maternal mental health and she said that as she is heading the initiative she’s in charge and would like me to do it.  She made a note in her diary to ask about the crèche for the Thursday group and sent me on my way.

Obviously, O needed feeding, so I earned my “Breastfeeding at a packed mothers and toddlers group with Toddlers poking the baby” badge.

Then it was time to budget shop.

I am trying to do everything on a budget.  And stick fairly strictly to a menu to try to cut down on the amount of wastage we have.  I’m also hoping we will save money by being very restrictive about what we buy and buying things ahead of time rather than ad hoc as this seems to result in buying unnecessary items (cute baby clothes, chocolate, toddler toys, seeds, a cake we will never eat etc etc)

So, I’m mentally working through my list and have picked up cans and tins of stuff.  the basket is heavy and it’s resting on the handle bar and across the sun visor of the pram.  I always rest it here.  I don’t normally have a problem.  But today, while I was in the frozen meat aisle on the phone to OH asking him where I could find the frozen chicken chunks, the pram went over backwards.

IT WENT OVER BACKWARDS on to O’s head.  One of the shop assistants shot over and asked if I was ok.  I was in shock and just stood looking down at the stupid pram for what seemed like 10 minutes.  I was horrified.  O was asleep.  he remained asleep.  The only thing that seemed to happen to him was that he went a little red from having his feet higher than his head.

I lifted the pram back up and checked him as best I could.  I was kind of scared to take him out incase there was blood and gore and horrible things.  O seemed to be breathing with no issues and reacted when I touched him, so I piled everything back on the pram and headed to the checkouts a little shaken and with a very sore toe where the basket had landed on it.

Maybe I should have called an ambulance and rushed him to A & E.  Maybe I should have asked a first aider to come look at us.  But I didn’t.  And I regretted this while I was waiting at the checkout.  I regretted it while I was walking home in the rain, my feet getting soaked through my very waterproof flip-flops.

I got back and we woke him up.  I swore I could see marks and bruises on his head where he fell and I felt sick to my stomach that I had been careless and stupid enough to let that happen.  I always considered myself a cautious mum and could never understand how women did silly things like overload a pushchair and yet I’d done it.

OH re-enacted the accident with an empty pushchair and reinforced that there was no way he could have hit his head.

To say I am relieved is an understatement. He’s absolutely fine.

I wish the same could be said for my poor toes.

I was right

Urg and I hate being right sometimes.

The Toddler did in fact have some kind of stomach bug.  For her, its not too bad.  Not to say it’s massively pleasant feeling like crap and having the runs, but kids deal with it better.  They manage to sleep through the stomach grumblings.  Me, on the other hand, I just throw up.  Continually.  For about four hours!

Well, it began at 2 am on Wednesday morning.  I managed to drift off to sleep at about 4.  I woke up again at 6 with disturbed vision.  I couldn’t see a thing.  My sight was completely blurred.  When this didn’t clear after about ten minutes, I realised I could be in trouble.  OHs sister had had pre-ecampsia with her third child so we were all very aware of the risks.  I couldn’t talk.  Talking made me feel sick.  So I sent a txt to the OH telling him I was in trouble and needed him to phone the mw.  I then woke him up by calling his phone.  Sometimes its not so bad he loves his phone so much!

My mw is lovely. She’s absolutely amazing.  She’s also been married to my uncle for 25 years and delivered The Toddler.  Nothing like keeping it in the family. Anyway, she came over and checked bp and pulse, both of which were slightly higher than my normal, but that’s to be expected after throwing up.  She also offered to listen to the baby, which I had to decline as laying down made me sick.

It was all a bit dramatic for 7am, but luckily I was fine, so is the baby.  All except the tummy bug.  We seem to be clear of it now though.  Thank goodness.