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Our bins

Got emptied today by an agency! Up yours refuse collectors!!


Refuse Strike Update.

They are back at the moment, so some people have had collections. Bbc news says it could take them weeks to catch up. (Duh). Apparently they have also been warned that people who do not return to work on Monday will be dismissed, therefore potentially compounding the problem by diminishing the workforce. They are due to strike again on Tuesday. It’s hardly likely that we are going to get our litter collected for another couple of weeks.

I will be complaining to them.

As an alternate point of view, someone posted this on Facebook:

This is one of the reasons I much prefer Twitter. I went to school with this person. They are fairly angry and ranty. Seems I am too. I can see what they are saying, but they are being extremely general about the people complaining. I personally pay the council tax out of my slim part-time wages. It also touched a nerve with the suggestion that people who don’t want to put their 6 week old partially fermented waste in their cars to drive to the tip are simply lazy. If we are concerned that the waste is a health hazard while it is sat in bags outside our houses, we are unlikely to want to put it into the small confined space within a car while we queue for the tip on a warm day!

My blood still boils about the whole situation, especially as the it is so bad we’ve ended up with bags which are literally full of shit inside the house. The city centre looks like a scene from the apocalypse and no one is backing down. Something has to give!

Refuse revenge

Ooh, the absolute sweetest thing happened in the early hours of the morning…

In this post, I talked about some building units that had appeared on the green opposite our house.  Well, we have since found out they belong to the council.  The very same council who are shrugging their shoulders at us, letting the binmen get away with murder and won’t refund the money we are paying for a refuse collection that is not happening and hasn’t for a month now.

Last night a group of our neighbours drunkenly wheeled their bins to the units who happen to have their own skip…

And emptied their rubbish into the skip, causing it to overflow like our bins.

This morning, the council workers were horrified.  I laughed. A lot.

Now I’m pissed off.

Refuse collectors, you selfish twats get and do the job we pay you for.

Striking again are we knobends? For fuck sake you are causing a public health hazard.  I already have two small sick children who’s illnesses could no doubt be partitially attributed to poor hygiene practises due to waste overflow.

And council…I pay £113 a month for the pleasure of your services and you can’t even offer a refund?  Under some government act? What the actual fuck.

Selfish arses. Arrrrrgggghhh!

Everything stinks

Our rubbish situation is going beyond a joke.

The binmen are on strike and have been for almost 5 weeks.  Our bin hummed anyway, but now the air everywhere is rancid with the stench of 5 week old litter.  This is now a health hazard.  Stop taking the piss.

The binmen are punishing those who pay council taxes, those who are sick and those with weak immune systems to stop themselves being affected by the recession.  Bad news refuse collectors…the people are losing sympathy for your plight.  Everyone is already being affected by the recession.  My partner and I both lost our jobs as a result.

I hate it.  I hate having a wheelie bin full of almost month old shit…literally shit at the end of my driveway.  I hate that you can practically see the stink lines emanating from the overflowing bins. I hate to think what breathing the pungent air is doing to my children.

I could load up my car, drive to the tip, but I’m already paying for someone else to do that for me.  You don’t buy a dog and bark yourself.

Sorry if this offends anyone, but it’s fast becoming the opinion of the majority.