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Sleeping Through


All new parents crave that elusive 8 straight hours of sleep.

Well, last night I got 11pm to 7am.


Sounds awesome right?  And it would have been amazing had I not made some rookie errors.

I didn’t pump when I got in.  Just fed off right boob, then to bed.

Left boob was FULL! When he woke up this morning it was 15 hours FULL. And lumpy.  And super sore.

He fed. A lot.

He then puked it back up all over me and the bed.  See I forgot that he can’t handle large volumes of milk on an empty tummy.  I thought we had got past that. Obviously not.

I bought him downstairs amd decided to pump off what was in right booby as that is the fast flow hardcore boob.

I pumped off almost 5oz from one letdown on one boob.

The vitamins appear to have given me super boobs.

Normally I get 4 oz from both boobs after 2 letdowns.

And it is a pump and dump.


It’s never simple

How how how did everything end up so complicated?

Is it any wonder I have “the mentals”?

Every day something seems to compromise my extremely delicate mental state.

Yesterday it was the lack of salonwear.

Then the rhyme time failure where some newbie, fresh faced teen mums thought that I was evidentally deaf and couldn’t hear them criticising me after the Toddler threw a library book.

Today it was not being able to park at the park…compounded by shitting it about tomorrow.  I’m not scared about class. I’m scared of not getting everything done.

And then topped off by both children refusing to eat.

You see, I need to get my kit tomorrow, after I haved fed O and tried to express off some fresh milk to go in the fridge.

Then lunch and more expression after his feed (if he sleeps) then cooking tea and getting him to nap until 6ish. 

I don’t know if I can do it. I don’t know if he’ll take it.  This is a very complex arrangement.  So complex that I’m getting a complex about it.

And there will be no one here to bring my shoes in so I’ll have to find time to go and get them.


Even the most simple things in my life become tangled little knots of crap that I have to unpick while getting kicked in the face. 


Double pumping

Last night, I tried double pumping. By that I mean one pump attached to each breast. I’m not sure what the expert term for it is.  Duel pumping, double expression…

Anyway, I have two different types of pump.  One Tommee Tippee manual, and one Avent manual. How I ended up with this combination is perhaps for another day.  Last night I managed a live comparison…

Now, I should explain my methodology as I may have been a little unfair on one pump.

I finished feeding O on my right, which is the boob with greater production. I then put the TT on that side, avent on the left. I swapped them after 1 let down.

I ended up (after two swaps – O woke up!) with 2.5oz in the Avent and 0.5oz in the TT.  I just don’t get on with this pump.  Maybe it’s the phalange, or the way it seems to draw the nipple in to touch the pump or the harder action.  Maybe I don’t set it up quite right, but the TT isn’t the pump for me.  I’m going to continue using it to collect leakage as I would rather it were added to my stash than wasted into a boob pad, but personally, I prefer the action of the Avent.

Ok, so the negatives of evening pumping are that O takes longer on his 2am feed as my flow is slower.  My nips become sore – partly due to the pump, partly due to lazy latch of a tired baby suckling for longer.

The Positives are additions to my stash, and a less choky and windy baby.  The choking and wind seem to be associated to a fast flow when I’m too full.

Right, it’s time for me to go and pump.