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My daughter is a monster

At least that’s what she tells me.

I am being a monster!  She growls.


Cute.  Until I spend two hours appeasing her brother and he finally drops off and she decides she is going to be a monster right in his face.


Sometimes, I think she really is a monster.


The Boobies

I may have mentioned before about the girl and her “boobies”.

With me breastfeeding O the lump of a baby almost constantly at the moment, it would be difficult to pretend that breastfeeding is anything other than what it is.  We opted for a direct approach when explaining it to the Toddler and she’s only ever asked for it once.

The toddler has also noticed that I wear pads in my bra.  She calls these my boobies and they live in my pockets (bra). So now, when she can, she likes to wear boobies in her pocket.

She’s also found that boobies are fun in other ways.  If you have never seen 40 breastpads spread out over a sofa, here it is:

Last time I ask her to help unpack the shopping. *sigh*

Toddler Tea shop



Jigsaw puzzle soup, served with a side of stacking cup

Fork in a teapot


Babywipe surprise.
Babywipe lovingly cooked and presented on a hairbrush.

Snap card pie
Large portion of snap cards, each delicately folded and placed in a large stacking cup.

Hot banoky
An obviously hot liquid which needs cooling by blowing on.


More fork in a teapot

Prechewed raisins

Small cup of tea to be downed in one.