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After birth

Yesterday I shared with you all (at last) Ls birth story.

I probably made it quite scary.

I’m sorry.  Bits of it were scary, but for the most part, even through the scary bits, it was the most awesome experience of my life up to that point.  It was so awesome that I was actually excited about doing it again when we were waiting for O to arrive. 

My births were amazing.

Anyway, that aside, I’ve been checking out Facebook again – getting ready to steal photos.  I know, in said I wouldn’t but you kind of need them to get the whole picture.  (Get it – picture? Haha.  Grimace.)


L was born at quarter past midnight.  By the time they sewed me up, found a bed and got me there, it was five am.  My support team had to leave.

I had never changed a newborns bum before.

I had never dressed a newborn before.

Hell, I had never been admitted to hospital and had stitches before.

The next few days were horrific.  Absolutely terrible. 

I got told she’d would need feeding and changing at 6am.  So at 6am I rang the buzzer and a Dr came in.  She told me to ring again for a mw, which I did and she told me off.  Great start. 

Then the girl opposite appeared.  She turned out to be really great but I found it intimidating having a woman who gave birth, walked in (I could barely stand up!), changed her baby, fed her baby and fell asleep across the room.  The curtain was pulled round.

I didn’t sleep at all.  I couldn’t.  All I knew was that I was responsible for this tiny little thing and i had no fecking idea how to be resposibile for this tiny little thing.

I was hungry and exhausted and oh God she snuffled a lot in her sleep!  She also coughed up a lot of that horrible phlegmy stuff they get. 

I don’t know if I managed to feed her, but at 7am a nurse came in to do breakfast and found me curled up in the bed crying silently.  I couldn’t do it.  I could not do the mum thing.

They took L away into the office to give me some respite. 

Then I slept fitfully for an hour or so until they bought her back needing a feed.  I think it was then that the mw told me she was shakey and had low blood sugar.  She also had an abnormally large fontenelle and she couldntg out all of her tongue in he mouth.  They wanted to get her checked by the paediatrician in the Neo natal unit.  They also wanted to top here up with formula and keep an eye on her blood sugar.

I couldn’t remember when she needed her sugar checking so I kept ringing the bell every time I went to feed her.  Also, my backside was aching.  It was so painful I could hardly move.  I lost all the strength in my back.  God only knows his many mws I asked to look at it and then all told me it was normal. It wasn’t – I damaged my tail bone which has been giving me grief again recently.

I am digressing.

People.  Everywhere.  They cuddled her.  They held her.  The fussed her.  I was too busy feeling hurt and sorry for myself.  I didn’t want to cuddle her.  I was happy for them to do it.

My family went ahead with the house party and were cleaning and painting our new house while I laid up in a hospital bed.  I hated it.

L was moved to the office again overnight to give me a break.

Some pictures of us from the 30th of August:



She looks tiny.  She was tiny.


Staying at Dads

When I was 36 weeks pregnant with L, OH and i went to stay at my dads house for a week.

I was on maternity leave and OH was working in Fleet at that time so when dad said he needed someone to look after the house while he went on holiday, we said yes.

My dad, like me, is a cat person.  He’s always had cats.  Mostly rescue kitties.

Anyway, the tabby cat was shy.  Dad said she won’t sit on the sofa.  He said she won’t sit on laps…

Here she is doing both.



The other cat bought in frogs.  Turns out I don’t like frogs very much.  I was sat watching TV and one came out from behind it.  I was home alone at the time so i managed to keep the now very interested cats away from it, scoop it up in the XBox box (after lots of squealing) and take it outside.  Sadly it didn’t survive.

I checked behind the TV.  Nothing.

That evening, another freaking frog hopped out from behind the TV. Blooming cat.


I do not do cooking. I have an up and down relationship with food.  OH cooks.  I do it occasionally but more often than not OH gets in and cooks dinner.  I like to imagine he enjoys it.

This was me cooking for myself.

Veggie burgers, rice, peas and bread.

Functional nom.


Tea party


We found out we were having a baby girl at 20 weeks. 

Well, they tell you it looks like a girl because boys can tuck it up between their legs and look like girls.

This is OH, BIL and Cousin 2.  She is teaching OH the fine art of consuming imaginary tea, cakes and beer at a tea party circa 2009.

12th June 2009


Pregnant and messy.


Two minutes later: clothed, pregnant and even more messy. (Are you starting to see how my house got turned into a shit tip?)


In erm…oh crap I can’t remember…2008 (?) our lovely friends got married.  There were lots of photos.  I was in some of them and ruined them.  I was pretty skinny and quite twatty looking.   I have self-image issues.  Moving on.

Then they moved all the way to fucking Stafford.

North of north.

I am terrible at being away from home.

I become annoying and just need my own company.  I get homesick.  I need to poo on my own loo (thank God for that How Clean Is Your House book.). I neeeeeed to be able to have my own timetable and be in control and eat all day not have set meals and all the other bad habits I have. 

Anyway, we went to see them.  I was pregnant.  It was hot.  I needed to pee every fucking five seconds.  I was grumpy and annoying and they were great.
We went to Trentham Gardens:



It was a lovely day out. 

Doing it all at once

When I fell pregnant, we weren’t really expecting it.

Yes we were trying for it but we didn’t really believe it could happen.

As I got fatter though, we realised that our living situation wasn’t ideal and that we would have to move before the baby was born so we started house hunting.

In order to remember the houses we viewed, we took pictures.  Or tried to when we remembered.

This was one of the bedrooms:


Yes, they had left an old tumble drier in the corner of the room.

How not to do it.  This particular house was a bit of a building site actually and not great for the price. 

Then we viewed my great aunts house.

My great aunt died of Ovarian cancer the day after Jade Goody died.

Her last words were “I just want to be with Bert.” (Her husband and my great uncle who passed away.)  She was a very strong and brave woman and fought even when they told her there was nothing they could or would do because of her age.

Her house was ideally situated for work, it had the right number of bedrooms and had been well looked after.


It had masses of storage space but sadly was outside our budget.

The house was left as my great aunt left it, which as you can see meant that it continued to look lived in.