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Tea party


We found out we were having a baby girl at 20 weeks. 

Well, they tell you it looks like a girl because boys can tuck it up between their legs and look like girls.

This is OH, BIL and Cousin 2.  She is teaching OH the fine art of consuming imaginary tea, cakes and beer at a tea party circa 2009.


Happy day to you, OH.

Today is OH’s 30th birthday.

He is 30. This is older than me.

So yeah.

Happy birthday OH

Lots of love from… (bet you can’t guess who?)


Proof he really needs it!

Around a month ago, the OH spotted a copy of Halo Reach going for £17.99 on some website (I don’t know the details…I play WoW on a very irregular basis and that’s about it now!).  Anyway, for days and days all I had was begging from him to be allowed to get it.

A bit of background here is that with baby 2 due in around a month and me wanting to progress my career and go back full time with a promotion, money will be extremely tight.  As it is, we seem to have gone overboard on spending the last couple of days and I have the Guilt.  I’ve asked him to take back the dresses I will never wear but he is refusing…

I digress..

We had a deal going where he would clear some boxes in our junk room and I would reward him for being a good boy and buy him the damn game.  This bribe failed and his mother and I have ended up doing the majority of the work.

Now he is trying another tactic.  In the last week to two weeks, he has completed Okami and The Legend of Zelda and Portal 2 co-op.  I believe this may be building up to “but I don’t have anything else to play…”