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Ok, not so snooze.  I’m a geek about the human body but still – THIS SHIT IS HARD!!!

And we’re not even on to the whole bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments thing.  We’re just looking at the skin.  Up close and personal.

I’m not stupid.  My brain doesn’t always leak information.  Just on the odd occasion, but with everything that has happened this week I’ve found even getting time to complete the homework hard.

When I started the course and the tutor was like “expect to do 3 to 5 hours homework a week!”  I was like “Hell yeahs.  I do that in my SLEEP lady! Bring it on!”

The reality is that with two kids, one of which who has been in hospital in the last 7 days (he’s better now, bronchiolitis poor thing) I haven’t even been able to scrape together a few hours let alone time to get out my new couch and give the physical stuff a go.  I’ve managed to practise once this week.  ONCE.  That’s pathetic.

So yeah.  I just want to rub people to make them feel better…

Massages…get your minds out of the gutter!!!


Out with the old…

This week I start my new career journey.

I’m still saddened by the death of my previous career, but it turns out that being female (and a mother) in IT doesn’t make you novel, it makes you an easy target for discrimination.  It means you watch the boys get promoted all over the place while you work your ass off and get fuck all.  At least it does where I work.

I want to cry when I see people who I know are incapable fumble about with technologies that were second nature to me three years ago.  It pains me to have tickets bounced from a team who should know better.  It sucks when people scream at me about a two month old ticket that I could have sorted in ten minutes if I had access.

Today I’m feeling sad and frustrated that my career was terminated and that opportunity, although it has arisen, has breathed a sexist smoke in my face, keeping me bound to a desk, answering a phone and tying my hands behind my back.

New career, I welcome you, despite the jealous sick feeling I get when OH talks tech.

Now I just have to bury the old lifeless one.

Maternity leave.

I spent a lot of time wishing my mat leave would come faster so I would get some me time.  Not the kind of me time we have at night when I always have one ear open, but the free do what I want while someone else runs around after her me time.

And here I am, having moved mat leave closer due to being uncomfortable.  Guess what I now spend all day doing?  Wishing she were here to keep me company.

Just can’t please some people!