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Dedicated to them.
Filled with strength, love and support
Admiration for their courage
Hope and positive thoughts.



In erm…oh crap I can’t remember…2008 (?) our lovely friends got married.  There were lots of photos.  I was in some of them and ruined them.  I was pretty skinny and quite twatty looking.   I have self-image issues.  Moving on.

Then they moved all the way to fucking Stafford.

North of north.

I am terrible at being away from home.

I become annoying and just need my own company.  I get homesick.  I need to poo on my own loo (thank God for that How Clean Is Your House book.). I neeeeeed to be able to have my own timetable and be in control and eat all day not have set meals and all the other bad habits I have. 

Anyway, we went to see them.  I was pregnant.  It was hot.  I needed to pee every fucking five seconds.  I was grumpy and annoying and they were great.
We went to Trentham Gardens:



It was a lovely day out.