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Saturday 23rd July

I had plans for the weekend.  You see, on the 29th we have our lodger moving in. So everything needs to be ready and in place before then.

We have a medium-sized 3 bed house with two double rooms and a single.  The Toddler had the single room, we had one of the doubles and the other double room was supposed to have been an office/study/craft room.  Well, that dream faded when we realised we had nowhere to dump years worth of crap. The room became this.

I tried numerous times to clear it.  It wasn’t even at its worst when that pic was taken.  So, when we decided our financial situation and The Change dictated we would need a lodger, we had to rethink.

The lodger has agreed to having the single room and the children would both take the junk room.  After it was cleared obvs.

We have known about the lodger coming for around three months.  I have been desperately trying to persuade OH to clear that room during this time.  Even to the point where his mum came round while I was heavily pregnant with O and we cleared 11 boxes of his shit…

My plans for the weekend mainly consisted of sleeping, food shopping on a budget and a car boot sale early tomorrow morning.

Alas, I have been thwarted again as I overheard:

“…yes, tomorrow we are going to move Toddler into the spare room…”

Spoken by OH on the phone on Friday night.

We are, are we? Three months of trying to persuade you to pull your finger out of your arse and get it done and you decide to spring it on me with less than 24 hours notice?

This is the story of my life.

So I spent all Saturday feeding, moving furniture, cooking lunch and settling a Toddler in a new room.  At NO POINT did I get a nap, lie in or snooze and the shopping still remains…well, unshopped.  For this reason, I was “treated” to a pizza tonight.  I’ve told him he will have to find something to sell to make up the price of the pizza.  And we didn’t get up early enough to do the carboot sale. For fucks sake.

On the plus side, the room does look amazing.  Shame we had to scatter the stuff semi-strategically around the rest of the house!


F ing finances

We are in some serious monetary doo doo.

We shouldn’t be.  We should be riding free at the moment with around £400 excess a month.  But for some reason we’re not.  There could be a problem with my bank account, but I doubt it.  The only problem is that I spend too much money on stuff we don’t really need.

Basically, at the moment, I’m on mat leave and we’re only paying child care for one child (don’t even get me started on this). However, in December when I go back to work, we will be paying for two kids.

I already have £243 come out of my account for the childcare vouchers.  My take home is around £614 per month.

I need to pay out another £450 on childcare a month for O…and then £113 on council tax and another £150 on my bills.  Now, even if you’re rubbish at maths (like me) you’ll see that the above will put a large strain on my bank account every month.

Sooo what am I doing…(apart from freaking out)

I’m also trying to budget our food and encourage the purchase of the Sainsburys basic range.  We’ve written a loose menu for a week and I managed to purchase most of what we needed for about £40 so far.

I walk as much as I can to stop burning precious petrol.  With prices rising all over the place, every penny counts.

The only thing I can think to do is to change my hours so that I’m working the same amount of hours that I’m paying for childcare.  At the moment, I work 21 hours a week.  And I pay for 30 hours of childcare.

This will take some thinking about as it will mean more time at work (deep joy).

The Change is about to get bigger.

We are skint

What part of that don’t you understand?

I’ve spent days panicking about how we’re going to cope.

I’ve written out meal plans, bought cheap everything and kept a close eye on what we’re spending.

You go out for nappies and come home with expensive puddings and chocolate…and God only knows what else.

Then you go on about how you’re treating me.

You just don’t get it do you?

And the rent money is going in your account.

Why do I bother?