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On smoking

I’ve read a few articles recently relating to smoking in cars.  I’m not brilliant at keeping up with the news but I already knew that the ban on smoking in a car was being considered from watching This Morning.

I am an ex-smoker.  I smoked for ten years and (this may cause outrage) for the first 8 weeks of my first pregnancy.  I then woke up one day and decided I didn’t want a ciggie…ans haven’t had one since.  That’s not to say I haven’t been tempted, but I’ve managed to control my urge.

Before I switched to roll ups permanently, I would smoke while driving. I always found rollies a bit unpredictable so smoking while driving was risky.  I would smoke in a stationary car though, believing that the space inside the car was my own personal space.

And that is precisely the point.  I bought the car, I paid the extortionate road tax, I was ripped off by the insurance company and now the government wants to tell me what I can and can’t do?

I understand the risks of smoking and driving and how having an alight stick in your hand can be as distracting as being on a mobile phone.  I don’t like seeing people smoking with children in the car, but I don’t feel the need to preach to them about the health risks.

I don’t know how far this law will stretch when it comes in in Britain, but I’m hoping they don’t say no smoking in privately owned vehicles at all as I believe this to be encroaching on human rights.

Ok, so the message is don’t inflict your smoke on non smokers..but that should not extend to taking away the option to drive somewhere away from it all, rest in the car alone and have a ciggy.  Surely that would be the vehicle owners choice, not that of an over ruling government.  They’ve already banned smoking in the workplace, which, if you work from home, extends to whichever rooms you work in.  It all seems an extremist preventative measure.


Evil social Media

I love Twitter.  I love our hashtag group. I love how my message can be instantly out there and other people can choose to amplify it, or respond to it.  I love the spontaneity of debate or comradery that can be built by one message being tweeted again and again by people until the words are out there.

I love facebook. It keeps me in touch with my friends and family.  It enables me to like the things they are interested in and to discover new music.  I love how I can watch an event come together from just one broadcast message.

The riots have tainted social media, souring its sweet good points.

The thugs were using it to communicate, to amplify their evil message, to meet other petty minded scum who are greedy and inconsiderate to say the least.

And to hear that they were using it to encourage this foul behaviour in my own town makes me positively sick.  I am horrified and disgusted and ashamed by what I saw on the news on Monday night.

I was so glad for the power of Twitter where I could share my horror with other people, and watch the evolution of a hashtag for a large-scale clean up mission. But again, this is bitter-sweet.  The instant support just went to prove how quickly an army could be summoned.

The sites are not to blame.  It’s the way in which they are being used that is perpetuating a sickening message.

London riots

So, I don’t normally write about current affairs.  This doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion, it just means sometimes I don’t get the whole picture, but the events in London over the past few nights deserve a mention.

I watched the footage of Croydon as it burned and the young people mindlessly breaking and entering shops and stealing. I listened to the story of the pub landlord who came to work to check his newly refurbed business and ended up shimmying down the drain pipe as looters ransacked his livelihood. I almost cried.

The extreme level of pure mindless violence exhibited by these idiots is almost beyond comprehension.

They are quite literally destroying Britain. Terrorist groups are looking at this going “Hey, we don’t need to attack England! They are attacking themselves.  Wait, fuck it, their police are all occupied.  Let’s get em!”

The rest of the world is either pointing and laughing or pretending not to watch as youths around the country collectively have a toddler tantrum.

Our PM has announced that he WILL come home and tend to the puking child with a funny rash and soaring temperature of a country.

Well done super Dave eh? Come home to offer mother emergency services some backup, help and guidance as she cleans up vomit and shit and knows that once this is over, it’ll be her turn to be ill. But only come home when she’s desperate. Don’t try to help before then.  You continue in blissful ignorance of just how poorly your baby is.

The rest of Britain, most of whom are absolutely disgusted, cry inside, all pride extinguished.

Clever rioters.  In protest of nothing at all (although some will argue that this is a protest against the police or nanny state) you have effectively gone into your house, ripped off your nappy with pride, shat on the floor then excitedly picked it up and smeared it on the TV.

Sadly, we all know you’ll never clear it up.  You won’t even remember doing it after a couple of hours of playing with your toys.  Everyone else will though. We’ll all remember looking on in disbelief, feeling impotent and scared and knowing that from now on, every time we look at it, we’ll always see the streak of shit; the horrible mess you left behind because it seemed an awesome way to creatively express your frustrations.

Nap time anyone?