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The girl

My eldest has always been a challenge. She’s made me face up to a lot of my past and driven me to points of frustration I didn’t know I had.

We knew she would be special. When she was born, she had a tongue too big for her tiny mouth, so it poked out, and a fontanelle which was outside the average size. She was checked and deemed ok, but I was so self-absorbed, I missed her growing up.

She would scream at the end of the crocodile verse of “row row” by 5 months. She knew shapes at 10 months. By 12 months she was talking coherently.

Then at 2 and a half, with her fontanelle still slightly open (they should be closed by 18 months) she had a seizure. She was put through tests and we had a gruelling couple of months before she was diagnosed with benign Rolandic epilepsy in childhood.

I’m reading a book called Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks. One of the things he talks about is using epilepsy medication to control auditory hallucinations since it calms the over stimulus of those neural pathways. It seems almost fitting then, that we would discover tonight that our girl has perfect pitch.

I had suspected it previously, but now, hearing her sing intervals so effortlessly, it all makes sense.

Her favourite song is “Call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson, which she can sing in tune to the instrumental. I struggle with this and I have a trained (but out of practise) ear. She can also sing it perfectly in tune and in the same key as the original, despite not having heard the original for a day.

There is something very special about my girl. She is gifted.