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Despite the shits and a nasty virus (which has now turned out to be chicken pox) and my reluctance, OH and I went out on a “date” last night.

No candle lit dinner and roses(although we did have a candle on our table in the pub we stopped in for a cuppa on the way back.) but we wouldn’t fare well with traditional romantic crap.  Our first date consisted of me getting him drunk and then us howling “Charmless man” along with the jukebox in a seaside pub. Our first slow dance was mostly made up of stupid puns and bad singing.

So yeah, we don’t do romance.  Which is absolutely fine.  Who needs the “I love you forever and ever” rubbish anyway.

But back to last night…

We went for a drive.

To a beach…

And checked out the stars.

Oh My God!  Google Sky Map is possibly the best app ever. 

The sky was spattered with planets, stars, constellations and galaxies, all visible to the naked eye.

Mars burnt a bright ruddy colour on one side and Jupiter and Venus danced on the other.  Saturn and Mercury hid below the horizon, one yet to rise, one already set.

It definitely appealed to my not so hidden geek.  I adore nature and am somewhat awed by physics and its “laws”.

Beats candlelight and roses hands down.



OK now OH has played with the settings a bit and I’ve dabbled a bit more I must admit I am falling for this piece of kit.

I don’t really intend to try and push it to any great limits but it is definitely doing what I need it to do right now.

Expect geeky posts…maybe.

Facebook, Twitter and the blog

It has been bought to my attention that I can be a bit ranty on Twitter and the blog…

No shit sherlock!!

My Twitter account and this here ole blog were a whim, something I did one night just to see what it was like.  I use Twitter to vent. Pure and simple.  Piss me off, expect tweets.

I actually like that a lot of IRL people don’t follow me.  It gives me anonymity, it should stop me being censored (haha fail) and it let’s me be honest. I accept that not everybody has the same opinions as me and by all means you are as entitled to your views as I am, but if you don’t like swearing, tweets about poop and how frustrated I get home alone with a bored toddler and a booby leech then this is not the place for you.  If I don’t have Twitter to shout into I go a bit stir crazy.  Plus all the people I tweet regularly are awesome and I like to think that sometimes my “not all pooping rainbows” attitude helps.  Maybe.

The blog is for thoughts…brain farts.  These can range from a justification of my existence (like this one – head is fucked, stomach is sick etc) to a list if stuff that happened.  It’s all here. One of many online journals.  And ever since I started writing journals in the late 90s they have been angry and angsty – so you should probably expect that too. And obviously more tales of poo, although the potty training updates should probably wait for another post.

My Facebook is an entirely different beast again.  It’s mostly family and real life friends.  I don’t want them to know I’m pretty batshit insane (although my closest friends and family know this and love me for it) so I tend to tame it down. A lot.  Sometimes I vent the teeniest bit on there just so that people know I’m still not getting much sleep and having to deal with a feral child, but it really is nothing compared to Twitters live feed of shouting, screaming, wanting to tear the house down and piss on the carpet. 

There is a reason I have two email accounts.  There is a reason I  don’t follow people on Facebook.  There is a reason I don’t post to Facebook and Twitter on the same account and there is a reason my Twitter ID isn’t on Facebook.

Enough justification for you?

Steve Jobs

I’m doing my early morning feed and I read the Steve Jobs has passed away.  He was 56.

This saddens me.  I’m not a huge Apple fan.  Infact we don’t even own any Apple devices and never have, but I do own a lot of books about the history of computing and, even if you dislike the way Apple products function, if you know anything at all about the history of computers and computing you will know that Steve Jobs was one of the greats.

It’s always incredibly sad when we lose someone who has made such a huge impact on a lot of lives.  With what has been happening in my own life recently his death seems to be symbolic of my closing of that particular chapter and leaving behind a failed career that I worked so hard for.

RIP Steve Jobs.

Out with the old…

This week I start my new career journey.

I’m still saddened by the death of my previous career, but it turns out that being female (and a mother) in IT doesn’t make you novel, it makes you an easy target for discrimination.  It means you watch the boys get promoted all over the place while you work your ass off and get fuck all.  At least it does where I work.

I want to cry when I see people who I know are incapable fumble about with technologies that were second nature to me three years ago.  It pains me to have tickets bounced from a team who should know better.  It sucks when people scream at me about a two month old ticket that I could have sorted in ten minutes if I had access.

Today I’m feeling sad and frustrated that my career was terminated and that opportunity, although it has arisen, has breathed a sexist smoke in my face, keeping me bound to a desk, answering a phone and tying my hands behind my back.

New career, I welcome you, despite the jealous sick feeling I get when OH talks tech.

Now I just have to bury the old lifeless one.

Tweet up

Today  I met some very special mums.

From the time I was at an all girls school I always had boys as friends. I work in a male dominant profession and always considered women to be catty and cliquey.

This was re-inforced by the various Mother and baby clubs I went to when the Toddler was tiny. I also found the other mums to be judgemental and felt as if they were constantly questioning my parenting style (wing it or shout). Not to say I’m not a judgmental mother.  I think we all judge each other because parenting is such a personal thing.  However, I had always felt that other mums were silently bitchy and scathing about the way I choose to raise my children.  I always expect them to be one digit away from phoning Social Services each and every time they see me.

However, through the community on Twitter I have learned it doesn’t have to be like that and even the most confident of mothers are just coping a lot of the time.

And then I met these ladies. Not cliquey, not judgemental, understanding, empathetic and in some cases sympathetic. I didn’t feel awkward or out-of-place.  It was great.

I ran into some bother when the toddler became bored and had to leave a little earlier than expected, but on the whole it was a fantastic experience.

So thank you Debbie, Sarah, and Kirsty for a lovely afternoon with special thanks to going to Kelly for helping the Toddler with the slide and Karen for not only coming with me but also holding O so I could chase Madam around.

I have been using a noting app called catch for a little while now to write my blogs on my phone before copy and pasting them to WordPress.

You may be wondering why I’m not using the WordPress app direct. The answer is html editing. If you write your blogs on your Android device all in one go, it’s fantastic. If, like me, you write a few notes and then go back in and delete bits (which isn’t easy to do on a touch screen phone) add bits in and re tag, then it’s a nightmare. I also find I can’t change the categories on the WordPress App. It’s Uncategorized, or uncategorized. I don’t have a category called Uncategorized any more.

So, I decided to find a noting app. I was using Colour note for a while, but the only way to share to multiple devices (I needed something I could use on my laptop (Ubuntu) my Windows machines and my Smartphone) was to email myself, which became impractical.

I used Evernote, but the application only lets you upload in Linux, not view what you already have (at least I couldn’t get it to do this.) If I can’t get something to work pretty much first time, I lose interest, so this lost some Brownie points.

I then downloaded a load of the noting apps and found Catch.

It has an online log on, so you can access your notes from anywhere with a browser (bonus). it lets you copy and paste which I was unable to do using Google Docs on a Ubuntu machine running Firefox, you can use hashtags to group your note (double win for a twitter addict!). You can also share directly to WordPress, but again, this removes all formatting.

I tend to write my notes, make sense of them either on the phone or laptop and then copy and paste them straight into a new post on WordPress using a computer. This works well for me and my style of blogging.

You can find out more about catch by going to