What does it mean?

Well it’s technically an abbreviation meaning 3am feeding club although this more a generic early morning time than a specific meeting time.

It all started on 2011 with a group of heavily pregnant ladies and new mums messaging each other.  Problem was, when you’re mentioning 6 people there is not much room to type. So one night, before the first of the 2 weeks of babies arrived, we decided we needed a hashtag.

So, Clare, Jo, Vix, Helen, Louisa and I were waiting for our babies.  Jordan suggested #3amfc and a new hashtag was born!

We would chat about all things pregnancy and labour until late night while bouncing on our gym balls.

When each of us went into labour we tweeted the group.  It was and is the most fantastic support network.

Now the babies are all here safe and sound, we use the hashtag to share advice, welcome new mums and mums to be, to bitch about being awake at stupid o clock, to discuss poo and generally chat about babies and children. There are many users of this hashtag and everyone is invited, whether your kids are newborn or up all night toddlers, male or female, new tweeter or old pro. The ladies and gents there are all lovely and friendly.

Thank you all for being there to offer support and advice.


3 responses to “#3amfc

  1. It is wonderful being able to twitter to you and the others on the #3amfc and such a relief that there are others out there in the same boat going through the same insane sleeping patterns.

  2. Haha, yes! That’s why we decided we needed an always open hashtag that anyone could use at any time!

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