Monthly Archives: May 2014



I go through phases with blogging.

Specifically, I go through a cycle.

Around this time every year, I begin blogging again in earnest and participating in bloghops and linkies.

The last three years have been the same.

Enthusiasm wanes around the end of the summer then as winter approaches and I drift into my funk, I lose blogging and some parts of whichever community I’m currently fondling.

During my active phases, I tend to blog in multiple places (the OCD likes to keep things very defined) so here’s some links, in case you’re interested:

Muddled manuscript – I keep fiction and terrible poetry here.

Kristina Writes – here lies writing about writing, encouragement, NaNoWriMo tips and a hint of madness. I try to update this one once a week with what my writerly alter-ego is doing and supportive words for other writers who are struggling on that lonely and often heartbreaking path to publication.

There you have it.