More than a Bounty of issues

For the last few weeks, there has been a rise in the amount of tweeters discussing the Bounty pack.

Bounty packs are issued initially to put your notes in. They contain magazines, information, but most of all, advertising. Then once you’ve had your baby, a lady comes round to your bed, asks for your details and gives you a newborn pack which contains free samples, a bit more information and another doorstop of advertising. They’ll also send you regular emails about (I assume) products “relevant” to your baby’s stage of development. Personally I filter them to spam. It takes seconds.

So, what has the discussion been about? It seems its been led by a certain blogger website and has its own hashtag. Women are rebelling, Bounty. They no longer want your free stuff, your information, but most of all, they no longer want your advertising. They are horrified and disgusted that your associated companies would see it fit to pitch to their exact audience.

Oh, wait.

Isn’t that what advertising does? Daytime TV is full of quick loan adverts under the assumption that people watching don’t work so will need quick access to money. Google and facebook target ads based on what you view online.  Tweeters and bloggers collect similar people online then post links to their blogs.

This is advertising. Not exploitation.

Maternity services are a mess. There’s no consistent care, which breeds fear. There’s a lack of midwives and maternity units are closing up and down the country meaning women are not getting the care and attention they need, being turned away from hospitals or having conditions missed or misdiagnosed. There are no plans in place to test for Group B Strep as standard, something which could save the lives of babies.

These are things that matter.  Not whether you have a free pot of sudocrem, or if someone emails you with products which might interest you. 6 free pampers aren’t going to save a precious life, one swab could.

You could come home and dump the whole pack in the bin, send emails straight to the delete box, and be done with it. That is if you’re not too traumatised by a midwife you don’t know attending your labour, nipping in and out once an hour because she’s watching three ladies labour across the ward and there are no other midwives available.


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