Run to your man!

I am a woman.

I am a strong woman.

I am a mother, partner, a female role model.

I work in the male dominated world of IT.

So when it’s suggested that there are things about the house that women need to be given confidence to do I get a little irritated.

When you live with someone, you do fall into roles, especially if one of you is the designated Stay At Home parent. Even if you don’t have that though, like us, you still have your jobs. A little list that each of you do to keep the house ticking over.

And if one partner leaves or is unavailable, then it can be daunting to have to take over their jobs.

But is there a question of gender division here? Should there be?

Neither my partner nor I can put up a shelf, and we’ll both have a crack at the Ikea flat packs before deciding it’s better if I take the kids away before the hammer gets a bit excited.

He gets all the exciting jobs looking after the neighbours computers because I was wise enough to plead ignorance when they asked why we have a large collection of machines (mostly mine!).

The cars are a bit of a difficult one. More often than not, he’ll sort them out, but I’m perfectly capable of phoning the garage myself. I’m also not bad at making a judgment as to where the issue is.  I spent three years helping an ex nurse his Jaguar back to health so know a bit about how a car works and what kind of sounds they make when they’re broken.

You see, these are things that anyone of any gender can do. We shouldn’t need encouragement.

We, as women, should definitely not be hearing, seeing, or ingesting the words “run to a man!”

We can and will do anything we need to in order to get by, men or not.


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