A come back

Aaand, we’re back!

“You’ve had yet another baby, haven’t you?”

Well, yes.

And I’m on maternity leave again.

But that’s not why I’m coming back. (It mostly is)

You see, even though I return as a mother of three, having survived a c-section and a rocky patch in our relationship, I still have things to rant about.

So, fuck yeah, I’m back.

Now I have three kids to talk about.

One is off to school soon (oh, thank goodness!), one starts preschool for one day a week after half term (again, thank goodness) and the third wakes me up with a shitty nappy at all hours of the night. Oh, and has given me a 10 inch scar across my pubic bone.

Thanks kiddo 😉

I’ve not got any less sweary.  I’m probably going to rant a bit.

I’ll try and keep to talking about my kids and things that affect their worlds rather than drifting off into my own confused little bubble of self-deprecation.

I WILL PIMP MY OTHER BLOG (Muddled Manuscript – go see it. I have lots of writing and “creative expression” [pretentious] stuff on it.)

Expect  –



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