Monthly Archives: June 2012


Don’t start itching yet…you don’t even know what I’m going to say.

Ok, maybe you do. I’m going to talk about nits.  And possibly a bit about worms.  Because we have them all here in our little parasite zoo.

Yes, he has threadworm.  we’re dealing with it.  Enough said.


On Thursday, I got a phone call at work.  I was in the middle of doing something that you CAN’T stop in the middle of doing so I was more than a little miffed when they said “We’re got a problem and she’s got what look slike lice eggs in her hair.”

For a start, they wanted to sent her home.  For eggs.  Not even live lice.

Now, I know, I might be being hard-nosed and ignorant about these things, but don’t MOST kids have nits? Doesn’t it just go round and round at school until they are about 16?

So, I went and picked her up, furious that I had had to leave work because they found eggs.

I bought her home, and shoved enough of the Full Marks shit on her hair I’m surprised it didn’t all fall out.  Then I combed through her curly matted mop for an hour.

I found two lice.  One dead.  One alive.  Dead now obvs.


I left her with the horrid grease in her hair all day and then OH came home and washed it again before she went to bed.

The preschool told me they would be ok to have her back if I treated it.  They only recommended I did the conditioner thing.

I found out after using almost a vat of Full Marks that it’s not suitable for epileptics, so can’t use it again regardless.

Anyway, I digress.

I sent her back on Friday after she had been de-fleaed.  I’d taken all the necessary steps to ensure she would be fine…

But they sent her home again at 10am.  Apparently she had been scratching her head so then “someone ” checked and saw “something” so OH got the phonecall.

What the actual fuck?

Grandma went and collected her and from what I can tell, she was told in patronisingly intricate detail how to treat the lice as if I actually hadn’t bothered.

I don’t like being accused.

Then I found out tonight who had checked her hair and seen “something” on friday…none other than my brothers own girlfriend!

I’m just waiting for them to pull neglect out of the social services bag.