Despite the shits and a nasty virus (which has now turned out to be chicken pox) and my reluctance, OH and I went out on a “date” last night.

No candle lit dinner and roses(although we did have a candle on our table in the pub we stopped in for a cuppa on the way back.) but we wouldn’t fare well with traditional romantic crap.  Our first date consisted of me getting him drunk and then us howling “Charmless man” along with the jukebox in a seaside pub. Our first slow dance was mostly made up of stupid puns and bad singing.

So yeah, we don’t do romance.  Which is absolutely fine.  Who needs the “I love you forever and ever” rubbish anyway.

But back to last night…

We went for a drive.

To a beach…

And checked out the stars.

Oh My God!  Google Sky Map is possibly the best app ever. 

The sky was spattered with planets, stars, constellations and galaxies, all visible to the naked eye.

Mars burnt a bright ruddy colour on one side and Jupiter and Venus danced on the other.  Saturn and Mercury hid below the horizon, one yet to rise, one already set.

It definitely appealed to my not so hidden geek.  I adore nature and am somewhat awed by physics and its “laws”.

Beats candlelight and roses hands down.


3 responses to “Stars

  1. You’re not romantic? That sounds like a pretty romantic date to me!

  2. That sounds lovely! I’m glad you had a nice time x

  3. She’s not romantic! You should have seen us taking her ‘girl’ clothes shopping! She rocked the looks!

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