For my benefit.

L was a screamy baby.  She could scream for hours.  It made no difference who she was with or what she was doing.  If she wanted to scream, she would.

O is less screamy.  He’s easily consoled by mummy cuddles. But this is the problem.  The mummy cuddles.

On Monday they did their first session with the new childminder.  It was the first time O was away from me for more than a few hours. I dropped them off at 8.30am. I was expecting a phonecall to come and get him at about 11am.

You see, on a Thursday when he’s here with his Nanny then his father he gets hysterical.  On Friday when he was at home with Grandma he refused formula and cried himself to sleep. When I’m here with him he cries if I leave the room, if I put him in his travel cot and if I don’t feed him when he expects it.

We have been trying to give him formula through the day but he won’t touch it. 

All of this I thought would amount to an awful first day for him.


He cried twice. He napped easily.  He took the formula.  He ate the food. He’s a little shitbag.

I say this because yesterday when I was running on low tolerance he cried each time I left the room.  He cried when I changed him after he expected a feed.  He cried in the pushchair.  He cried in the highchair.  He completely refused the formula and cried.

I am devastated that he’s behaving this way for me.  It breaks my heart to think that someone else is already getting the best of him.


7 responses to “For my benefit.

  1. LOL. I find that J will play really nicely with A as long as I am not in the room. If I walk back in he starts going mental. If I sit down and turn my laptop on he starts having a meltdown. If I’m in the room, he wants my full attention. It must be like when you’re trying to give up smoking: you’re fine as long as no-one smokes near you. Or like having a cream cake in front of you but not being allowed to touch it. If you’re there he doesn’t want the formula because he loves mummy milk and mummy cuddles. Frustrating as hell as times, but it’s a complement. He loves his mummy.

  2. We have a friend whose son creates and stresses the second he realises and then is FINE until she comes back then makes out that we’ve been mean to him!! You know the one!! She knows he’s playing her!! You are not alone!

  3. Aww! He’s not. It’s cos he loves you and wants to be near you. I got proper grumpy today though for the same reason LOL.

  4. And push our buttons they do! This post brought back some memories. my youngest just turned 21, and still knows how to push some buttons!!

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