Most women I know would kill to have a size 8 body, to be able to squeeze into skinny jeans, to have a flat stomach…

A friend posted a link on facebook along the lines of “It’s not acceptable to call someone fat, so why suspect I’m anorexic?”
And I can identify.

I’ve always been super slim.  It doesn’t matter what I eat, I don’t put weight on.  THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME LUCKY! It is HARD to keep body fat on.  If I exercise, I know I have to find time to consume extra calories.  People suspect I starve myself, or don’t eat.  If I’m not hungry I feel like I’m being judged for my small portions.

That girl you just called skinny? Yeah, she’s now got a complex about eating.

This is what happened to me. They watched me eat through school.  They watched me until I got panic attacks about it. Panic attacks I still have.  I stopped eating when I was self harming, but only because the watchers showed me it was easy to control attention via food intake.

So, next time you think the skinny girl is “lucky” take a second before you mention her weight.


8 responses to “Skinny

  1. If we combined, we’d be alright! I eat if I’m happy, I eat if I’m sad. Exercise makes me hungry, so I just eat more. I used to hoard and eat in private so people didn’t watch me…thankfully that doesn’t occur very often anymore. My will power doesn’t help matters, and I am in no way comparing my problems to yours – there is no valid reason why I am so overweight – but in a magical world if I could eat for you, we might both be considered ok :o)

    • Being underweight is just as much of a “burden” as being overweight. Would be awesome if we could share weight. I just get fed up of people thinking skinny people have it easy because we don’t diet…which is a lie. In order to gain substantial weight I either need to get pregnant or stick to a very strict calorie counted diet.

  2. Totally agree. I was underweight through my childhood/teens. I once had a school nurse questioning me about what my mum fed me because she thought I was being starved. Other kids at school called me names because I was skinny. I eventually started binge eating fatty foods to try to gain weight so I wouldn‘t be teased anymore. Didn‘t work though. Skinny definitely does not equal lucky.

    • Exactly. Skinny kids get called names too.

      Once some idiot wrote an essay about being fat on my desk in science. They watched me for a week after that! Ffs!

      Maybe we need to raise awareness of skinny non-anorexics and underweight sensitivity.

  3. you’re skinny!

  4. I know that you eat loads! I’m just jealous that I so much as sniff a calorie and it’s on my hips!!! Cxxxxx

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