Selotape, blu-tac and cake

I’m pretty sure that’s how I’m holding it together.

It helps that I spend hours every evening watching shit TV and mindlessly knitting while chomping 15 pieces of Dairy Milk and washing it all down with highly sweetened coffee.

The house is not falling apart but I am.

OH is having to do everything.  He’s working a full time job, cooking, cleaning, washing up, shopping, putting petrol in my car, getting us out of bed.

I’m cheering if I manage to get up, shower, and do a full morning without shouting. 

So far there has been no cheering.

I’m not desperately depressed but the size 8 trousers hanging from my prominent hips point to the fact that I am actually managing to burn off calories just by being worried.  I’m eating.  I’m possibly eating more than I normally would but still I’m getting thinner. 

For now, I just hope the selotape doesn’t begin to peel at the edges and that the blu-tac stays moist.

And that there is an endless supply of cake.


4 responses to “Selotape, blu-tac and cake

  1. Hun that sounds awful. I’m glad that your OH is supportive and keeping the house sorted. Sounds like you need to go to see your Dr and have a chat about how you’re feeling. Keep the supplies of cake going. I hope you start to feel better when you get stuck into your new job – sometimes getting out of the house is the best medicine. Take care xx

  2. There will always be an endless supply of cake as long as I exist!!! We need to get your calories up I think – the stress is melting you away. ps you have good reason to be stresses pps wc is here!

    • Wc? I’m being a bit daft today.

      Yes, it must be the stress thing as I’ve eaten like half a huge block of cheese, half a ginger cake, two packets of biscuits, normal dinners and breakfasts and I still feel like I’m getting skinnier!!

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