As you can imagine, everything at the moment is a litte bit hazy.

I’ve given a start date on the new job, although I’m still prevented from sharing my news with my collegues.  Office politics.

I know there will be at last two people who will be super gutted to hear about it.  Maybe I should wait to tell them in person.  Haha.  I’m not evil.  Really I’m not.  Just sick of certain things kicking me repeatedly in the face.

And I get my name on the door.  Yeeeeeehhhhhaaaaa!!!

Ls epilepsy has kicked us though.  Really kicked us. It’s a life changing thing, you know?  Selfishly I keep thinking that I can’t let this ruin my chances at this job.  I can’t seem unreliable.  I’ve not told my new boss about it because I don’t want him to regret his decision to employ a) a woman in an extremely male dominated environment and b) a mother who needs to leave the office all the time. 

I remember I took a lot of time off with L being ill before going on mat leave.  Just coughs, colds and viruses, but still.

It might be hard to persuade OH that he will have to take over at least some of the responsibility for sick-care.

I also feel a bit like I haven’t had a chance to be happy or excited about the new job.  Mainy because I have been worrying myself extremely thin about L and her diagnosis.

Not really helping the anxiety.


4 responses to “Hazy

  1. I started a new job a couple of weeks ago, involving hugely unsociable hours, and the deal of me taking it was that if my daughter (18 months) is sick in the morning her dad has to take the day off. I’d already be at work, 45 mins away. I think it has to be joint thing, shared responsibility and all that. Hugely rubbish and massive things you’re having to deal with at the moment, but I hope you can get excited a bit about the new job soon – and start shouting about it!

    • I think we’re going to have to have a similar arrangement – especially as I will be the higher wage earner. I’m going to nag my current boss again about the politics My new contract should arrive tomorrow!

  2. Not allowed to tell people yet, that’s lousy! Must make it seem totally surreal.

    Treat yourself to something in celebration of your new job – a nice outfit for work? Hair do? That can be your quiet celebration. And well done again x

    • I have the Boots of Gorgeousness. And we had pizza. Argh. My news is old news now. When I do get to tell, people will have already heard it through the highy efficient gossip system anyway.

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