Things to do before 40

I’ve been tagged by Bessy from Bessy blogs. I’m a metaphorical ‘it’.

My list is:

1. Finish the “novel.” Ideally this should happen before the 30th of June as that is the cut off for the five free printed versions.

2. Complete the massage course and do some specialised training.

3. Fill my had with super geeky poop.

4. Take (teach) a lecture.

5. More children?

6. Pay off some of the mortgage.

7. Move to a bigger house in a better area.

8. Finish my to be finished knitting.

9. Get my house clean.

10. See the bottom of my laundry basket

I can see most of this happening bar the laundry thing.

Fluffy brain means tagging is too much effort but feel free to go for it if you feel inclined.


5 responses to “Things to do before 40

  1. Buy a new laundry basket. Transfer washing to said new basket. Then you’ll see the bottom of the old one. Job done.

  2. Haha I like your style Vix!

    Good list! Can’t believe you’ve written a novel, that’s some achievement!

  3. I will come and make you clean up again! then you can return the favour! and re;laundry – New Job x Laundry = service wash at st james!!

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