Staying at Dads

When I was 36 weeks pregnant with L, OH and i went to stay at my dads house for a week.

I was on maternity leave and OH was working in Fleet at that time so when dad said he needed someone to look after the house while he went on holiday, we said yes.

My dad, like me, is a cat person.  He’s always had cats.  Mostly rescue kitties.

Anyway, the tabby cat was shy.  Dad said she won’t sit on the sofa.  He said she won’t sit on laps…

Here she is doing both.



The other cat bought in frogs.  Turns out I don’t like frogs very much.  I was sat watching TV and one came out from behind it.  I was home alone at the time so i managed to keep the now very interested cats away from it, scoop it up in the XBox box (after lots of squealing) and take it outside.  Sadly it didn’t survive.

I checked behind the TV.  Nothing.

That evening, another freaking frog hopped out from behind the TV. Blooming cat.


One response to “Staying at Dads

  1. I like frogs… but inside? Ew!

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