P0rn Crappers

A break from the pictures today while you digest the story so far.

Back to recent events.

My Toddler is a raisin fuelled humour machine.  When she’s not driving me to the very edge of my sanity she is hilarious.

We like Chinese food, which invariably arrives on our doorstep with free prawn crackers (possibly a loyal customer perk – we get ‘Dear Pizza lover’ letters regularly!).

L hearts prawn crackers.  So we got her to ask for them.

“Porn Crappers.” She says proudly.

OH and I look at each other.

Erm…say it again.

“Porn crappers”

OH and I are so amused by this we show all our friends.  L loves the attention so runs around shouting “Porn crappers!”

Over Christmas she learnt that it’s actually crackers.

I definitely liked crappers more.


One response to “P0rn Crappers

  1. How funny. Can’t wait!

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