Pee stick part 2


As if seeing one positive urine test isn’t enough to put you off your dinner today I’m bringing you another one.

The one from O? I hear you cry hopefully, fingers crossed that this will be our last foray into positive pregnancy tests.

Alas you are not that lucky.

This is the test I did to check I was still pregnant a couple of days after the first test in 2008/2009.  It may have even been done in response to the bleeding.

Still positive.

I convinced myself that it was all over.  I even looked up keepsakes on the internet to try and find something suitable to wear to remember.

I had a Quality Street tin where I kept the tests and a coat I bought to remember “August” by in case he or she were never meant to be.  (August being my estimated due date based on my own calculations).

In January 2009 I had my first scan as I had been bleeding for a week or so.

We saw the heartbeat on the screen, and described it as being similar to a flicking cursor.  We are geeks.

It made me happy and terrified and super moody.

My EDD was the 2nd of September; the day before OHs birthday.  I joked that because I was giving him a kid for his birthday he wouldn’t be getting video games.

I actually can’t remember if I bought him anything.


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