Looking forward

My main goal for this year is to just be more bloody organised.  I’m so rubbish at getting my act together so in the next 12 months I aim to make it happen.

Here’s the other stuff:



Finish current “novel”

Sort out knitting projects

Doula training

Pass massage course

Pass hot stone therapy course

Clean the house

More kids?

Still undecided about the last one.


6 responses to “Looking forward

  1. Surely by ‘more kids’ you meant ‘more biscuits’? Yeah? 😉 X

  2. Who do you fancy doing your doula training through? I did mine with Mindful Doulas and it was wonderful, and have a friend who did it through Developing Doulas x

    • Most likely Developing Doulas as I’ve spoken to Maddie a few times and she’s great. I also read her blog and follow her on Facebook and she has similar values and beliefs to me. How do you find doula-ing?

  3. I just did my training in November, and still have to complete my written assignment so haven’t started yet. But the community as a whole is wonderful and I’m looking forward to booking my first client in the near future


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