Is it her…or me?

Every time we have a change in our schedule she loses the plot.  As it’s the Christmas holidays, we’re not going to groups and she’s not going to pre-school so I have to find things to entertain her.  As she’s not entertained by watching me knit, feed O or type snippets of novel on my phone, we’re screwed.

She’s just naughty. Well, she’s what I would consider to be naughty.  Everything has become a fight.

First thing this morning I struggled to dress her as she kicked me in the stomach and winded me by throwing her head back against my chest.  She “starfished” when getting into the pram to go to the shops. (“Starfishing” is where a Toddler goes into a stiff star shape when you’re trying to put a five-point harness on them.  It normally happens when you’re in front of at least three other parents.) She threw her blanket on the floor in Sainsburys.  She tantrumed because I didn’t buy her a princess book.  She screamed because we didn’t have lunch in the cafe.  She dropped toys on her brothers head.  She fell off the box after I told her not to play on it.  She ran with scissors.  She stuck cellotape to everything.  She refused to have her nappy changed after she pooped. She threw crayons all over the floor. She was just horrid.

Then I screamed at her.

I cannot stand her ignoring me when I talk to her.  I cannot stand her looking at me blankly then doing it anyway. I cannot stand not being in control.

Which is probably why she does it.

See, I forget sometimes that there isn’t “control.”  There is choice. She can choose to obey.  She’s not programmed to do as I say. A lot of the time she won’t want to do what I say.

I know this because she is so like me we are almost the same person.

Is she my mothers’ revenge?


4 responses to “Is it her…or me?

  1. She sounds a right little character! I’d love her!
    I’m sure she’ll settle down, she’s still very young x

  2. oh no hope things are better today, have you tried mimicking her behaviour it always shocks my son into stopping, hahahaha

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