The anti-Santa

My house is full of shit.

Not literal shit. Just crap that we don’t use.

And in one week, Father Christmas and my mother are going to make sure it’s filled with even more shit.

It’s not that I’m ungrateful (well, maybe a little!) but I just cannot stand the junk any longer.

So today, I got out some black sacks and I cleared out all of my maternity clothes that no longer fit.  I got rid of the mountain of soft toys in her room.  I whittled down the toys in the living room, bagging up any she doesn’t play with or are just too irritating. 

I’m mean. I’ve left bare bones.  I’m ready for the influx.

It’s only more stuff to be dumped in the loft next year!


2 responses to “The anti-Santa

  1. Yay well done! Do you feel better? I love a good clear out, it’s so therapeutic!

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