What appears to have happened is the complete and total loss of my previously only loosely secured marbles.

I have pills.  Well, I have a prescription for pills, but just knowing they are there seems to have perked me up.

I’m no longer playing the conversation over in my head and the injustice of last weekend no longer hurts.  I feel an anger when I think about how we were treated, but I’m not offended or upset by it.

I’ve decided the way forward was take on a huge project about five days before it is due and then waste an evening watching TV.

I’m still trying to finish the novel thing, and study and be a mum…

The house has suffered.  We don’t have any more clean clothes.  Our stairs are a dumping ground.  Where have my kitchen sides gone?  And I’m pretty sure there is a carpet somewhere under the crap in the living room…

You know what though?  It’s Christmas – a time of self-indulgence, so I’m fucking off the housework in favour of cuddles.


2 responses to “Eh?

  1. I would like to buy you several hours of Mutts and Mops for Xmas… Would this be ok? A one off!

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