On an off day

Yesterday I had a heart to heart with my friend.  We talked about our pasts.

Well, I talked at her about mine mostly.

I was a very messy teenager.  I selfharmed for 8 years, my head just wouldn’t sort itself out.  I was on various medications over this time, I attempted suicide at least twice.   I was never hospitalised but I was threatened with it by three medical professionals in one day.  It was hard.  I was a screw up.  I was wired all wrong.  I was just a complete mess.

I don’t really like labelling people.  I don’t like labelling kids anyway.  I had the label of “clinical depressive” for years.  It gave me an excuse to be a twat. The real excuse is that I am just a twat sometimes.  Everyone is a twat sometimes.  Sometimes we need to just get over it and move on.

Today I’ve been feeling a bit down.  Nothing more than the usual bump in the road, but a bit down none the less.  I can’t get my head around my writing.  The ideas are there but they’re stuck there.  I can’t seem to say anything worthwhile.  I can’t get anything done.

This is normal.

Tomorrow, it will all be fine.

I promise.


2 responses to “On an off day

  1. Aww I hope I didn’t dredge up some icky stuff. Hope you’re feeling OK now xx

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