Monthly Archives: December 2011

Looking forward

My main goal for this year is to just be more bloody organised.  I’m so rubbish at getting my act together so in the next 12 months I aim to make it happen.

Here’s the other stuff:



Finish current “novel”

Sort out knitting projects

Doula training

Pass massage course

Pass hot stone therapy course

Clean the house

More kids?

Still undecided about the last one.


Looking backwards

2011 was overall a good year, despite my constant whining on here.

Here’s a run down.

I got to watch my little girl blossom from the last days of baby to a cheeky, stubborn yet gorgeous and hilarious toddler.

I became part of a community of very special people who I have never met but have provided more support than they’ll ever realise.

I rediscovered blogging/journalling which has helped keep me sane.

I gave birth to my son; an experience which has changed my life.

I began my massage course, and learned about becoming a doula and realised that I want to help other women have empowered positive birth experiences.

I completed NaNoWriMo.

I took the time to get to know OHs sister who has a huge heart and a chaotic life.  I have no idea how she does it.  Even on the tough days she gets up and runs about and still finds time to help others.

Wednesday club was formed. Madness with many children, knitting and cake.

So, as 2011 draws to a close, I plan to take the good things with me.


I’m finding it amazing the lengths parents are going to prove Santa really has been.

I’m lucky.  L doesn’t really understand and O doesn’t care as long he gets boob.

I suppose I never really stopped believing in the magic of Christmas as mum always made it special with her treasure hunts and string trails and present hiding.  To this day she still does a Santa’s sack of bits for me.  The magic was there.  At 29 I could still imagine the fat man squeezingin our house and dropping off at least some of this stuff.

Now my eldest is aware of Santa.  She might not understand but she’s aware.  She knows that something massive is going to happen in the morning and that she wants a piece of it.

So now my illusions are totally shattered.

The requests for whiskey, mince pies and carrots all came from us.  I had to wrap all the presents.  I had to pay for all the presents.  No elves were involved at all. 

I feel empty knowing that when I go to bed tonight after leaving their sacks in the front room and a present in the bedroom that nothing else will appear.  No more parcels will magically arrive.

I don’t like being Santa.

Christmas eve

I’m going to join everyone else and write a quick blog about Christmas eve.

We are almost ready.  Well, we are pretty ready.

Father Christmas finished wrapping all the presents tonight, and tomorrow night we are going to my mums too eat Brie and nibbles.

Now I can’t wait.

I cannot wait to see her beaming face when she opens the noisey presents she has been bought.

I cannot wait for her to be hyper on too much chocolate.

I just absolutely cannot wait for the whole day to overwhelm my kids.

I love how Christmas with kids brings out the big kid in us.


OK now OH has played with the settings a bit and I’ve dabbled a bit more I must admit I am falling for this piece of kit.

I don’t really intend to try and push it to any great limits but it is definitely doing what I need it to do right now.

Expect geeky posts…maybe.

Crappy Christmas

It’s not even Christmas day yet and things have gone down the shitter.

There are family things going on so the normal Xmas eve gathering is cancelled.

The Toddler actually wants to fight about everything. 

O is teething.

OH and I have already spent too long in each others’ company and are bitching at each other. He’s been home one day.

OH bought me an EEE pad and I don’t like it.  Not ungratefully. I’m just disappointed by it so far and will probably stick to one finger typing on my phone.  Sigh.

It’s definitely me.

Long nights

Please not another night of waking every hour.

Please let me get more than twenty consecutive minutes of sleep.

Please go back three hourly.  Fuck it, I’ll take two hourly. 

I just don’t want to see every hour on the clock.

I cannot do this again tonight.

Please just sleep.