So you won NaNoWriMo…

what now?

Well, I would love to say I’m dedicated to my story and I’m going to polish it until it is beautiful and shiney but I’m far too fickle for that.  I also don’t think there are enough hours in my lifetime to make it into something wonderful, which is a real shame because it potentially tackles some sensitive issues. 

However, the creative journey took me down some unexpected paths, some of which may need further investigation.

I might finish it.  I owe it to Julianne to at least finish the first draft I guess.

Being inspired also has a profound sideaffect of providing me with a gateway to more inspiration.  I’ve had ideas for at least two more “novels” this past month and started a jumper, and have ideas for my new big knitting project.  Not at all handy when I’m time-starved and trying to learn anatomy and physiology and massage routines.

Maybe I am just meant to live in a creative chaos.


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