Sleeping Through


All new parents crave that elusive 8 straight hours of sleep.

Well, last night I got 11pm to 7am.


Sounds awesome right?  And it would have been amazing had I not made some rookie errors.

I didn’t pump when I got in.  Just fed off right boob, then to bed.

Left boob was FULL! When he woke up this morning it was 15 hours FULL. And lumpy.  And super sore.

He fed. A lot.

He then puked it back up all over me and the bed.  See I forgot that he can’t handle large volumes of milk on an empty tummy.  I thought we had got past that. Obviously not.

I bought him downstairs amd decided to pump off what was in right booby as that is the fast flow hardcore boob.

I pumped off almost 5oz from one letdown on one boob.

The vitamins appear to have given me super boobs.

Normally I get 4 oz from both boobs after 2 letdowns.

And it is a pump and dump.


3 responses to “Sleeping Through

  1. oh no I hated pump & dumps always felt like such a waste

  2. Oh heavenly 8 hours of sleep!!!!

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