Something I heard today

So, I just have to tell you.

At playgroup.  A lot of childminders take their charges there.  Something to do to break up the day.

One childminder is moaning about a parent to another childminder…and I overhear:

They have a day off work and still send their kids to us.  It’s like they don’t want to spend time with their children.

Yes she said that.

I felt like saying:

We are in a recession. We as parents have to pay you regardless of whether we send our children or not.  Therefore we as parents are going to send our children every fucking day we can to get our fucking moneys worth. If you stop charging for days you don’t havr our kids, then yes, we’ll keep them home, but until that, they will come to you and we will enjoy our day cleaning the house and drinking coffee.

I didn’t say anything. I wish I had.


4 responses to “Something I heard today

  1. I can’t malign childminders as my mum was one (and bloody excellent she was too) but that particular specimen sounds like a knob. Stabby o’clock.

    • Yes.

      I generally like childminders too and dom’t begrudge pying them to look after children. I do begrude them bitching publically about what parents choose to do with their paid for time if you see what I mean. Like it was any of her business whether this parent took a day off work or not!!

  2. My wife is a child care provider also, and she is okay with parents who need a day to do stuff like doctor’s appointments or projects or just have a day to unwind. She does charge if the parents keep the kids home for the day (but she’s certainly not making very much money).

    • I couldn’t do the childcare thing personally and understand why childcare providers charge when parents decide not to send their kids. I just don’t agree with this particular childminder effectively saying that she was dealing with a bad pareny because the parent was off work but still sent her kid.

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