So yeah Nanowrimo

I talked myself out of it and tweeted myself back in.

This is going to be a short post about how I feel about it so far.


The freedom to just write.  It doesn’t matter if it’s utter tripe.  As long as I write.

I feel like I’m being productive.  I feel like I’m doing something.  Most importantly, I’m finding an escape and outlet for my daily frustrations.  Something shit happens to me, I take it out on Julianne.  Poor girl is having shit thrown at her all the time.

Anyway, I am actually procrastinating at the moment, but I’ve hit 11k words (I have no idea how) so I’m allowed a break.


2 responses to “So yeah Nanowrimo

  1. I talked my way out of NaNo and tweeted myself back in too! Glad you’re enjoying it, good luck with the rest of the journey!

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