Parent and child parking

Nothing winds me up more than seeing a car that clearly doesn’t contain children (ie a two seat convertible) parked in a parent and child bay.  I’ve also seen white vans pull into them and Mr butt crack builder get out. Disgusting.

But if you have kids, does that give you the right to park there even if you’re not getting out of the car?

We, quite hypocritically I feel, bitched about a van (who clearly did not have kids un it) parking in a parent and child bay, then swung into one ourselves, knowing full well we would not be unloading the kids.

Don’t worry, I stayed with them.  I won’t leave them in the car unattended (even though I remember staying in the car during “big shops” all the time when I was younger.)

Surely those parking spaces are designed for people who are taking kids out of the car, the extra space useful for a pushchair or enabling you to fully open the door to get your kid out?  I must admit I felt a bit of a pisstake sat there and only hope we didn’t stop someone who needed the space from having it!


One response to “Parent and child parking

  1. averagemummysaz

    I’m going to be honest, I feel that those spaces should only be used by people with young children – I.e a child who is as yet unable to buckle themselves up, when everyone is getting out of the car. I agree that the extra space is designed to allow pushchairs room (or trolleys containing a child) and space for doors to fully open – essential if a child needs help to be buckled in.

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