I’ve got a good feeling…

On Thursday the 20th of October, I felt normal.  No unsettled tum, no panic.  Until then, I hadn’t realised just how ill I was feeling constantly.

I had two days of being able to get on with my life without having to worry about waves of nausea or groaning belly.  I ate what I wanted and filled my belly. (Belly filling was one of the causes of the nausea.)

But now my misery has returned.

I feel like there are stones in my stomach and I’m constantly on the verge of hot sweats. My tummy and bowel groan and I go from zero to hungry to sick within half an hour.

I thought it was anxiety.

We tested for pregnancy, just to make sure.  Negative.

Now I’m pretty sure there is something physiological going on as well as psychological. We’ve done a spot of research and the most likely causes are hormones and food intolerance.

Maybe this thing would be easier to deal with if I could just cut out milk for example and feel ok?  Problem is that it comes and goes so it would be hard to tell exactly what works.

Can’t I just have normal back?


7 responses to “I’ve got a good feeling…

  1. If you’re going from not hungry to feeling sick with hunger, then blood sugar levels could perhaps be a culprit. This will make you grumpy too. Do you like porridge? Releases its energy slowly, so might be a good breakfast. Sugar puffs (if you should happen to eat them), are the worst breakfast as they cause your blood sugar levels to soar and then crash quickly. Re: milk, I have been having rice milk on my cereal as dairy was giving J terrible wind when I was excl bfing. It’s actually quite nice. If you think hormones might be causing it, then 50mg daily B6 supplement is a good leveller (and also how I think I managed to stop having hormone-related miscarriages). Also I found that going back on the pill made me super grumpy and I had to come back off.

  2. PS. Are you taking any vitamin supplements? I had to go back on the Pregnacare as breastfeeding was making me totally tired and rundown. I know how much O is feeding, so this could be an idea? Also iron levels? OMG sorry, I’ll stop now.

    • Not supplementing at the mo. He feeds when he’s hungry. 10 times a day maybe? Never felt like this when feeding her, but its worst around the same time every night and I spend all day teetering on the edge.
      I was ill a lot towards the end of my pregnancy with O. Iron is possible but that normally just makes me tired. Porridge and I don’t agree. B6 is v possble but how does it effect progesterone and prolactin (I think prolactin is resposible as its,always after Os biggest feed I feel worst and letdown makes me feel a little queasy). Progesterone messes up my mood severely.

  3. Ah. B6 increases progesterone. The progesterone only pill made me super grumpy, but the supplements don’t. They just encourage your body to produce progesterone, rather than pumping you full of it. Anyways, I aint no doctor, I just know what works for me. I tend to (I THINK) have an inbalance in the way of too much estrogen, which gives me tummy bloating and things, so the extra progesterone is a good thing.

  4. Just done some (very quick) research on Google which seemed to suggest that B6 inhibits prolactin.

  5. As may I. PMSL.

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