The good, the bad and the ugly

Pretty much sums up my Toddler.

It’s also currently her favourite piece of music.

It all started a few months ago when OH and I caught the Spaghetti Western Orchestra performance on TV.  We enjoyed it so much we hunted the album down on Spotify and put it on during dinner (we like to add music to our meals.)

The Toddler began to refer to it as “Cowboys”, then ask for it whenever we sat down to eat.

Now she is obsessed. 

She sings along.  She shouts “I -E I E IIII…wah wah wah.”  She watches the video around 20 times a day in my phone.  She likes A fistful of dollars (“I love this one mummy!” ) and falls asleep to Once upon a time in the West.

She has never seen a Western movie.

If you have seen a Western movie (and even if you haven’t) I recommend checking out these guys on Youtube.


4 responses to “The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. That’s hilarious 🙂 Could be worse – could be gangsta rap? Or thrash metal? My younger bro’s in a thrash metal band and one of their ‘songs’ is called ‘Rubber Blood Bitch’. Hmm. Nice. Want The Toddler to sing along to that??

  2. My son is into Taio cruz dynamite which isn’t cool by any means but as you guys say better than ganstas rap I wouldn’t his first word to be Mo fo!!!

    • Haha! Very true. The Toddler is into Trap door now as wrll. She goes around saying “ooh globbits”. Better than “oh my God! Bloody child” outbursts we had a couple of weeks ago. (I’m a brilliant parent lol)

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