The c-word

Which c word you ask?

You know, THE c-word.  That one.  The one you daren’t utter…the cu..

Yes, that one.

Not that it upsets me.  It’s only a word after all.  In fact it has special significance as ohs first ever sentence to me was “I hear you’re not offended by the word c-word”. .although he actually said it.  That word.

I always feel naughty using the c-word.  Not that I use it very often.  I can’t swear at all in real life during the day as I’m the oh so proud mother of a parrot toddler, so all my swearing either happens online or late at night.

I get a small thrill from dropping f-bombs, although the thrill is often accompanied by a feeling of fleeting freedom.  A moment where I have been able to say what I want to say without having to sanitise it to nothingness.

So, when the c-word was dropped, I went a bit crazy with heady abandon.

Then…well, it was short-lived.  Someone quite rightly reigned it in.  No, not even that, just gently reminded me that the platform I was using was public.  Fair enough.  But I then felt awful, like I’d made some huge catastrophic mistake.  The conversation turned to how it was in common use not so long ago and I, while battering myself emotionally decided it was a good idea to put forward some ill-informed theory that the c-word was a name for a sword sheath and f-bombing was the process of placing said sword in the sheath.

Twitter tumbleweed.

I have no idea where the theory came from.  I’m pretty sure I read it while looking up rude words in a dictionary once.  Maybe.

Anyway, to purge myself of the shame, I showered, scrubbing for 20 mins, while feeling utterly horrified at myself for typing the c-word.

I don’t feel odd spraying “shit” everywhere and throwing “twats” around so why the f should the c-word make me feel so ashamed? Erm…figuratively of course.

I’m going to put the c-word back in its little cage for now.

(Disclaimer: this is entirely my own paranoia and is in no way a dig at the conversationalists as I think you’re all lovely.  Mwah.)


11 responses to “The c-word

  1. If you want to fucking use th bloody shitting cunt word, be a bugger, fucking say it. Fill your mouth with societies shit in the form of morals. Fuck the arsing world, shit on them with your fucking verbal cuntitude. Whoever gets bloody offended needs to fuck off. Bastards.

    Love Trev x

    • That has to be my favorite blog entry, blog comment and definately my favorite word of late. But we have to be PC in the socialmedia world and mainly in public. But when it comes to friends and personal blogs, we/you can say whatever the fuck we like! Afterall, there are so many cunts out there!! Liberation & freedom of speech! I’m sick of holding back!

      • I hate PCness. I mean really hate it. Who decided it’s ok to say “she has blue eyes” but not “he is black” or “they are fat”? (Simplified examples, but you get the gist!) I’m totally againt censorship but my own censor radar went a bit mental about this particular word even though it’s just four letters. Perhaps I am offended by it after all.

    • Shit on them? Really? Hahaha!

  2. F8cking exlcellent blog post, iuse the c word but like you feel the guilt after especially as I’m a “lady”

  3. I used the c word on a friend’s Facebook post recently and got the reply ‘that’s a nasty word’. And felt very ashamed for the rest of the day.

  4. I do apologise, really I do, im very very sorry.

    I missed piss and twat

    Again, apologies

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