Thursday nights

Feeding O hasn’t really progressed.

Actually, that’s a big fat lie.  He has taken a bottle and will eat baby food.  He prefers the baby food to the 5oz of breastmilk I pump between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  The breastmilk ends up in the sink. I could cry, I really could.  But I don’t because if I cry about anything, the crazy might come out and I won’t stop.  So I just look sad.  Like cute puppy dog needing a home sad.  Or cute kitten.  Ok, I make the same face as the animals in the RSPCA adverts, ok? Can we move on?

So, breastmilk flushed down the drain…

He feeds when I get home (normally, not always) then the night begins.

Now, he can go 6 hours over night.  He usually manages 4.  I can cope with 4.  Eight to midnight, one to half four, five to nine.  Yep, we can work with that, especially if I go to bed about 10 and get a couple of hours kip in before he wants feeding.  Or I pull off a dream feed.  Either way, if he must wake in the night, this is the pattern I like.

Except on Thursdays.

I get home at 10, feed.  Go to bed a bout 11, get woken up at midnight to feed. Get back to sleep at 1 ish, wake up at 2 to feed.  Bed at 3, back up at four.  He might then go until she comes in at 7.30.  Maybe.

Then I spend all friday comfort feeding him.

All this because I left him for five hours.



4 responses to “Thursday nights

  1. I know this won’t be of any help whatsoever, but it’s when I read things like this that I am so glad I bottlefed. I really, truly hope you find some way to settle him soon which means that you get some peace too. Keep blogging and talking about it, if only to know you are not alone.


    • Thank you. I find bfing easier than bottles as no prep time but yeah, bad nights come and go. We’re having a few little hiccups with his feeding atm, hopefully they’ll all iron themselves out.

  2. You’re lucky you can leave him for 5 hours. I would come back to grumpy shouting miserable husband and hysterical blood-curdling screaming baby. That said, I know it’s utterly miserable when they don’t let you sleep. I hope you find a solution soon xx

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