Something has to give

A few months ago I discovered NaNoWriMo and became enthused and determined.  What a fantastic idea!  I would love to win, although I knew finding time would be hard work with two small children.

Since then I have started my night class and realised just how hard time is to come by.  I need around 3-5 hours weekly to myself to complete my theory homework.  Then each treatment practise takes about an hour (at the moment). Sometimes I have to stop between body parts to see to a screaming O or put the Toddler back in bed.  So yeah, not ideal but I just about cope.

Unfortunately there is no possible way (with the exception of another 3 -6 hours being added in to each day) that I would be able to fit in writing 2000 words.  It just won’t happen.

So as much as I hate to say it…goodbye NaNoWriMo dreams.  See you again next year.


2 responses to “Something has to give

  1. Sorry you can’t make Nano (I can’t either – I just don’t have enough to say) but there are alternatives if you really want that structure. I’ve seen on WordPress a bunch of different groups, 80 day novel writing, 6-month novel writing too. Nano is great, but not the only game in town. 🙂

    • I had no idea there were other things. I have bits I hasd been intending to write for years and NaNo just seemed the ideal way to get them down. I’ll have a look at the alternatives.
      Thank you 🙂

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