Up to date

Last week, on my 30th birthday, I missed my massage class.

I spent hours feeling terrible about it.

Turns out that I wasn’t suffering the after effects of being up in the night coupled with anxiety at all. Afterall, I’m pretty sure OH, my mums partner and our lodger haven’t caught the tired anxious shits.  Nope.  I actually had some sort of virus and it’s done the rounds.

Last night it was back to learning and I actually felt much better than I have in a long time.  No constant sick feeling, no instant panic attacks in the classroom, no stress headaches.

Is this what it’s like to feel normal?

Anyway, my routine is now up to date, I don’t have a huge wedge of homework and I understand what they did last week when I was absent.

See, it wasn’t as terrible as I made out.


5 responses to “Up to date

  1. glad your feeling better.x

  2. Woohoo! It’s a shame the others had to be poorly too, but bloody nice to know that it wasn’t anything anxiety related. Smiles all round!

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