Being myself

A few days ago, I decided that I was going to take this blog back to its parent blogger roots and only talk about parenty things.

Then I realised that what has actually happened is that this blog has evolved and taken on another form. Yes, it’s still about parenting, but it’s also about me.  Me and my things and if I can’t express some of those things, then I may just end up actually losing the plot (as opposed to almost losing the plot) and going a bit wonky.  And no one wants to see wonky.

I’ve decided the best thing I can do for me and the blog is be myself.  If the highlight of my day was changing a stinky nappy followed by tantrums all round and I really don’t feel like reliving it, I should allow myself the freedom to come on here and vent about how much smaller Curly Wurly bars have gotten in the last 20 years or something equally as important.

I’m also planning on typing up THE STORY at some point and dumping it on another blog which will have an over 18 disclaimer.  Have to have some semblance of social responsibility although I daresay that most teenagers have likely had their first sexual experience by about 14 now, and probably seen far more explicit material on the internet.  I think my brother was about that age when he bought home two animated .gif files on floppy disk which would be considered X-rated.  Yeah, mum stopped him using the home computer for a while.  Didn’t stop him using the one at school though – where he’d originally obtained the files.  I digress…

So, as I am stuck at the computer presently with someones mouth clamped to my nipple (no, it’s not OH before any of the filthmongers reading this even think that!) I thought I would write-up some of the thoughts swirling around in my petite brain.

Or not.  O doesn’t want to sleep and The Toddler keeps climbing into O’s cot upstairs.  Long night? Probably *yawn*


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