A Blog thingy

Ok, I’m no good at memes.  I don’t do Britmums prompts, but I think it’s about time I gave some credit to some awesome blogs and lovely bloggers who keep crediting me.

This post comes to you via the lovely Mummy to Boo and her blog where she credited me with being “deliciously dark”.  As that reminded me of my favourite type of chocolate, I have to give her some blog love.  Go, have a read.  (But make sure you come back here too!)

Also, I need to mention motherventing and her blog, seeing as she is a wonderfully funny wordsmith who has mentioned me in a bloghop meme before which I did, then couldn’t be arsed to add links to and epicly failed to post. (Also, she has a book on Amazon.)

So, my five (other) blogging pleasures are:

Grumpy baby Jake written by a real life friend of mine about her mardy (yet lovely) little boy.  She’s got a way with words, and has discovered many new ways to say “grumpy” since becoming a mum.  We used to live close together but she moved away up north. OH and I keep trying to persuade them to move back but we’re not having much luck, so blogging has become our way of sharing our days without writing mammoth emails that then fail to send!  You should definitely check her out.

Swimming upstream – A blog I discovered when its author left a comment on this blog.  A passionately written documentary of life with depression and all its component emotions.  If you’ve ever suffered from depression (and even if you haven’t!), please visit this blog!

Jowonderwoman’s blog – I’ve mentioned this brave lady before.  Be prepared to take your tissues as you read about events leading up to and after a life-changing event.

He’s funny, witty, down to Earth and brutally honest…it’s SAHDANDPROUD. Learn what life is like for a dad who is being jumped on by children 247.

Trying to Land On Mother Earth – A lady after my own heart, she blogs about the quest for positive birth experiences and her contributions.  She’s currently in  the process of a major career change to become a doula and hypnobirthing practitioner, and lets us know the score with upbeat updates.

So, there you have it.  READ THEM!  YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!


7 responses to “A Blog thingy

  1. hey, thanks! hopefully people aren’t scared away by my profane ranting this week.

  2. Thanks very much for the mention! Mwah x

  3. Really? Who by and what did they want to know? LOL.

  4. I don’t get Twitter. I am out of touch already. Gonna be one of those embarrassing mums who sends their child to school with a Casio calculator.

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