Back to parenting

What started out as a blog about parenting has fast become a blog about me.  So I’m aiming to take it back to the whole parenting/pregnancy/labour/birth thing I planned in the first place…maybe.

I really ought to seeing as my Tots100 rating has rocketed (I’m pretty sure it’s incorrect to be honest, but it looks pretty good so I’m not complaining.) and all I have talked about for the past month is how my kids do my head in and how I do my head in and how I’m feeling like proper pants 99.9% of the time.  Oh, and anger.  There’s a lot of anger.  And swearing (we like swearing here.)

So yeah…parenting…

Well, I’m not doing a massive amount of it at the moment as I’ve just stuck my headphones on, whacked up the drum n bass heavy sounds innit.

Both kids are sleeping and OH is still awake so that’s ok right?  After all, I have learning and shit to do.


2 responses to “Back to parenting

  1. sound like my kind of parenting!!!!! enjoy!!

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