Feeling flat

Today I feel awful which means I’m going to whinge and whine, so if you’re sick of it, don’t read on.  I’m still gonna write it.

My head still feels a little strange from yesterday, but my stomach hasn’t protested too much over breakfast so I’m hoping I’ve seen the back of that bit.

I’m having a low day.  All over missing class last night.  I feel like I let them down and let myself down and will now be playing catch up.  I wish I could have made it to half term.  I keep thinking that all last night proves is that I’ve bitten off way more than I can chew and wasted a lot of time and money in the process.

I feel like something has got to give and last night it did.  So today I’m back to looking for a new childcare solution for a return to work.  At least it would be a constant income and I would have an excuse for the house being covered with a thick layer of crap.

I wish I didn’t have hairbrained schemes.

*goes back to bed in the hope things look better after some sleep*


3 responses to “Feeling flat

  1. Don’t give up. Just accept missing the one class and then get back on the horse mate. It’s not hairbrained! You’ll feel worse with yourself if you throw it in now xx

  2. I know. Was feeling sorry for myself. Today I spent a lot of my time researching abdominal massage techniques and reading my anatomy and physiology books. I really love it.

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