O refused the bottle.

He refused my lovingly pumped breastmilk.

OH managed to spoonfeed him 2oz.

When I got back I latched him on in his sleep and he fully emptied my poor booby. But only one.  Then he woke every couple of hours in the night. Not ideal, but for now we can work with it.

I had 6oz of milk in the fridge which needed drinking. O isn’t going to do it, so I decided I was going to make a coffee with it. Waste not want not right?

Before pouring it in my drink I checked it as it had been in the fridge for about 27 hours.

Sweet…then OMFG disgusting.  The bitter soapy after taste was foul. Like when you get earwax on your tongue.  I do not blame O for his refusal and I feel bad that he ended up having 2oz.

OH said he tasted it last night and it was just sweet, so it’s possible it was past its best. 

So now I’m considering ditching the other 14 + oz and just pumping Wednesday night, Thursday morning and Thursday lunchtime to get about 6oz of fresh milk to keep him going.

And there was I hoping pumping would make this simple.


2 responses to “Breastmilkaccino

  1. what about freezing? I have boxes of breastmilk freezer bags going free-to-a-good-home if you would like them? x

    • This was frozen milk that was thawed in the fridge. I have more sat in our freezer.

      I just got given a load of medela bottles for freezing by a friend.

      Thank you for the offer though. I’m desperate for him not to have formula before bed due to a bad experience with this with eldest and I don’t like the idea of filling his little belly with harder to digest food before expecting him to sleep.

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